PRESS RELEASE: The Fight Continues for Texas Crime Victims and Families

PRESS RELEASE: The Fight Continues for Texas Crime Victims and Families

The Texas Alliance for Safe Communities (TASC) today released the following statement regarding efforts to keep crime victims and families at the forefront of the criminal justice conversation in Texas.

“Although the legislative session has ended, the fight to give Texas crime victims and their families a voice has not. Public safety and victims’ rights must be a primary consideration any time criminal justice and pretrial release reforms are on the table. TASC is committed to advocating for crime victims, for providing more information to judges and magistrates who make pretrial release decisions, and against unsecured release policies that create a revolving door at the jailhouse and unnecessarily put public safety at risk.”

TASC was created to ensure crime victims and their families have a seat at the table in discussions about criminal justice reform. This session, TASC worked with victims’ rights advocates, law enforcement officials, elected officials and others who believe Texas should not implement radical changes to our pretrial release system that favor unsecured release and put victim and public safety at risk.

Compelling testimony from TASC Board Member Stacie Rumenap and Victims Outreach Coordinator June Rodgers helped ensure lawmakers heard from both sides of this issue, putting a face on the countless families that have been forever affected by senseless crimes. This was amplified by testimony from former criminal judge and Texas Congressman Ted Poe and Alaska State Sen. Mia Costello, whose extensive expertise provided critical context as lawmakers considered reform legislation this session.

TASC is committed to continuing to advocate for policies to keep our communities safe, give victims a voice and support our law enforcement partners, including empowering magistrates with more information to keep accountability in the system and ensure justice is served.

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