PRESS RELEASE: New Advocacy Organization Launches To Promote Public Safety Solutions In Texas

Texas Alliance for Safe Communities will work to hold Texas decision-makers accountable for policies that put dangerous criminals back onto our streets

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Alliance for Safe Communities (TASC), a non-profit, 501(c)(4) coalition of public safety advocates, was today launched with the mission of working alongside Texans to promote common sense public policies that strengthen security and curb violent crime in the Lone Star State. The organization was formed out of the growing need to educate officials and magistrates on dangerous reforms being made to our criminal justice system, while both protecting taxpayers’ best interest and advocating for victims and their families.

“Texas communities are under assault by activist judges and misguided bureaucrats determined to let violent criminals get-out-of-jail-free,” said Mark Miner, spokesman for Texas Alliance for Safe Communities. “Special interest groups – powered by high-dollar donors living in the comfort and security of gated communities – have waged a deceiving campaign of misinformation that is jeopardizing public safety across Texas. Texas Alliance for Safe Communities will advocate for common sense solutions that strengthen public safety and hold Texas decision makers accountable for wrong-on-crime policies that put dangerous criminals back onto our streets.”

TASC’s primary mission will be to advance public policies that among other things:

· Keep Texas accountable by ensuring unfunded mandates are not passed on blindly to Texas taxpayers;

· Provide third-party accountability, transparency and supervision in the criminal justice system;

· Preserve democracy and judicial discretion;

· Advocate for victims and families;

· Promote mental health intervention in the criminal justice system;

· Fight unnecessary federal government overreach;

· Promote education for magistrates regarding bail issues; and

· Advocate for responsive and proactive criminal justice in Texas

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