PRESS RELEASE: Nationally Recognized Victims’ Rights Advocates Join Texas Alliance for Safe Communities

PRESS RELEASE: Nationally Recognized Victims’ Rights Advocates Join Texas Alliance for Safe Communities

Three new members have backgrounds in victim advocacy and crime prevention, and will help guide organization’s educational and outreach efforts

The Texas Alliance for Safe Communities (TASC) today announced the addition of three new members to its organization, including Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators, Roberto Garcia, Founder and President/CEO of the Rio Grande Valley Family & Friends of Murdered Children Inc., and June Rodgers, an outspoken victims’ rights advocate and mother of a child who was brutally murdered by an individual who was out of jail as a result of New Jersey’s bail reform legislation.

“TASC is pleased to announce the addition of these three new members, who each bring a unique perspective and direction to our organization and its mission to be a voice for victims and keep violent criminals off of Texas streets,” said Mark Miner, a spokesperson for TASC. “We look forward to working alongside Stacie, June and Roberto to strengthen public safety, curb violent crime and ensure the State of Texas does not make it easier for dangerous criminals to get out of jail scot-free.”

June Rodgers is a nationally-recognized victims’ rights advocate and outspoken critic of nationwide efforts to reform the bail system. She joins TASC as its Director of Victim Outreach. Rodgers became an advocate after her 26-year-old son Christian was tragically murdered by a repeat criminal who was released without bail under New Jersey’s bail reform laws just four days before fatally shooting her son 22 times. Had it not been for New Jersey’s bail reform legislation, Christian’s murderer would have rightfully remained in jail.

“On behalf of victims everywhere, I feel a moral responsibility to do whatever I can to raise awareness of the dangers of bail reform,” said June Rodgers. “All we ever hear about are the rights and concerns of accused offenders, while lawmakers across the country act as if we don’t exist. As Director of Victims’ Outreach, my goal is to unite the victims of bail reform, give them a voice and ensure what happened to my son does not happen again.”

Stacie Rumenap is President of Stop Child Predators, a national advocacy organization that crafts model legislation, builds coalitions and runs education campaigns to protect children across America from sexual predators. Bail reform efforts have led to many predators’ release from jail without bail, leaving them free to roam our streets, retraumatize victims or repeat offenses. To help combat these crimes from occurring in the future, Rumenap joins TASC as member of the Board of Directors.

“As President of Stop Child Predators, I dedicate each day to ending the sexual exploitation of children across the United States,” said Stacie Rumenap, TASC Board Member and President of SCP. “The Texas Alliance for Safe Communities is an important partner in this effort, and I look forward to serving on the board to help ensure dangerous predators are kept off the streets and in jail where they belong.”

Roberto Garcia presently serves as the primary point of contact for the Rio Grande Valley Family & Friends of Murdered Children Inc.. RGVFFOMC is the first organization of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley and focuses on providing support, resources and counseling to those who have lost a loved one to homicide. Garcia’s creation of the organization came after the tragic murder of his brother, Roger Garcia, in Harlingen, Texas. He joins TASC as Victims Liaison.

“The friends and family members of homicide victims are a tremendously underserved population in Texas – a population in dire need of representation and advocacy,” said Roberto Garcia. “I look forward to serving TASC to be a voice for the victims we have lost under bail reform laws and an educational resource for the loved ones they left behind. Working together, we can help crack down on violent crime and create safer communities for Texas families.”

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